Do you need website hosting? We host mainly for our consulting clients. We offer a gig of hosting space and 100 gigs (a ton) of monthly bandwidth for about $45 a year, billed once a year.  It comes with a huge number of capabilities, too, like:

  • Unlimited databases, email accounts, forwards
  • CPanel management console

We offer this service free for select nonprofits, too?  Yeah. That’s right.  Cause we want to do our part.  So should you!


Want your own hosting account?

We host our sites on a Lithium Hosting reseller account. This way, they are responsible for maintaining the server, and all we have to worry about is the sites that run in the account.image of logo

Lithium Hosting is based in the U.S. and has great tech support.  They stock their servers and accounts with great features, including CPanel and softaculous one-click installers.  

We used to use A Small Orange hosting, but we can no longer recommend them.  They got bought by EIG, a conglomerate that owns giants like Hostgator, Bluehost and GoDaddy.  We used to recommend Hostgator. But big shared hosts like Hostgator and Dreamhost can be s.l.o.w. because they share servers with lots of clients.  One heavily loaded client can hurt the performance of your site.  And we don’t work with GoDaddy at all other than to move our clients somewhere else.

If you want a big hosting company, go with Dreamhost or Namecheap.  Neither are owned by EIG as of this writing, but do some research first.

Don’t be fooled by a plan that has “unlimited” storage or bandwidth. A good host will give you plenty of bandwidth, but no server can deliver more data than its data pipe can handle, and the only files that take up that much space are video files, which require a video site with the bandwidth throughput (pipe size) and delivery network to be able to stream it.  If you need a place to park files, use a file service, not a web host.

A Simple Solution for Content Management

If you have a simple site that you want to maintain yourself, we can recommend Weebly website hosting and content management. It’s free for a basic account with some pretty decent capabilities, and you can pay a small fee for even more features like custom forms, rotating header banners and other cool stuff.