Owen is Very Fast and Efficient at Meeting Your NeedsOwen Cauley – Lead IT Consultant

There aren’t many people who are as in touch with good products and services available to meet your needs as I am,  and I’ve always got your interests in mind.

You can expect straight-up recommendations.  I like to go over the top for my customers, and make sure they’re happy with my work.

Yes, I do look a bit wired!  It means I’ll get your job done fast.

Michael Mars Landis – IT, Web, and Server Management

I like to think I’m good at helping clients take a cacophonous torrent of ideas and ease them into some degree of organization and presentability.  Not that my picture here is at all presentable!  That’s an anachronism.

My main guide is Steve Krugg’s Don’t Make Me Think. It’s an excellent tool to guide any web design effort.  Check it out!

Paula Bishop – Website and Graphics Flair

Paula-style.  You know it when you see it for its distinctiveness.   I’m especially good at creating a soft, dreamy ethos to your image.  With subtle touches of  warmth, spiritual depth, and grace.  Asheville all the way!

The web is changing. Fast.  Just this year there have been major changes to web technologies and the way they are used.  Content Management Systems are now commonplace. HTML5. Javascript. AJAX, and More …

Website appearance. Site organization. Planning. Usability testing. A bit of search engine work.  All of these are complicated components of web design and maintenance.

My focus is on holistic wellness and an embodiment of balance and color, full of life and energy.