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Gmail Security Concerns

Recently Google has been in the news quite a bit because a number of gmail users have had their accounts hacked, allegedly from China.  The article at Technology Review talks about tracing the source of Gmail attacks, but it also highlights ways that the attacks occur, referencing an article that shows what some of the...

Net Neutrality and Paid Peering

If Google truly wants to "do no evil" and stand behind those words, it needs to make sure that the small guy can purchase comparable footing to what google has rolled out (using the small guy's own advertising dollars, no less).

Microsoft and Adobe? Egad!

I read a rumor today that Microsoft might be contemplating a purchase of Adobe.  Scary!  The first thing that came to mind was, “Oh yuck, that’s all we need is messed-up Adobe software.”  But then it occurs to me that Microsoft hasn’t been all that mac-friendly over the years for obvious reasons, and if you...

Pay Per Click should Die

Search engines are all about pay per click these days.  It’s part of the revolution that happened with Google’s add-money advent of adwords.  But since Google launched its pay per click model, other search companies have followed suit. The idea of course is simple – allow advertisers to pay only for visitors that click through...

Windows 7 Task Bar is Semi-OK

Windows 7 doesn't handle clicking on applications in the task bar consistently.

Windows Heaven

Microsoft's Windows 7 is 7th Heaven!

Web 2.0 – Satellite Killer

Satellite internet connections have for a few years been a good substitute for direct wired broadband connections in rural areas.   The first satellite internet systems used the orb in the sky to beam down a fast signal, and used a modem to send data back upstream.  Even though it takes 2-3 seconds for the...