Finding Your Style, Online

Finding Your Style, Online

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Latest entries

Including JQuery Multiple Times

Do you want to prevent loading JQuery twice?  JQuery (at least through 1.4) doesn’t work when you include it more than once. At work I ran across a strange problem that often comes up in content management systems.  The scenario works like this: The content management system uses JQuery in its latest version but not...

Wish List – Customized Search

All the time I get search results in google or bing that include sites that show up repeatedly that I really don’t ever want to see. One of these is some sort of expert tech site that you have to pay to access.  But the results always show up high when I’m looking for help....

SEO Basics

Recently a prospective client asked me for some help getting his site up onto search engines.  Even when people searched for his name and his website specifically, they couldn’t find him.  Last time I checked, this site was number one in Google for Purple Ivy, though I’d not expect anyone looking for web consulting to...

Pay Per Click should Die

Search engines are all about pay per click these days.  It’s part of the revolution that happened with Google’s add-money advent of adwords.  But since Google launched its pay per click model, other search companies have followed suit. The idea of course is simple – allow advertisers to pay only for visitors that click through...

Operating System Essential Anti-Virus

It’s always amazed me that the anti-virus software market’s been so big.  When you install anti-virus software, modifications are made to the very lowest level parts of the operating system to monitor internet traffic, email applications, scan devices when they are attached, and scan files when they are opened, in addition to monitoring system processes….....

Step By Step

So you would like to get a web page up and going?  Great.  There are a few steps that need to happen along that road.  Some of them are very easy, and some of them a challenge.  Here’s what needs to happen: Choosing a domain name. I recommend using as a domain registrar –...

Windows 7 Task Bar is Semi-OK

Windows 7 doesn't handle clicking on applications in the task bar consistently.

Windows Heaven

Microsoft's Windows 7 is 7th Heaven!

Web 2.0 – Satellite Killer

Satellite internet connections have for a few years been a good substitute for direct wired broadband connections in rural areas.   The first satellite internet systems used the orb in the sky to beam down a fast signal, and used a modem to send data back upstream.  Even though it takes 2-3 seconds for the...

IE-only CSS for Your Sanity

I stumbled upon an accident the other day. One of those oh wow moments.  Haven’t you always been a bit ticked off how Microsoft has gone and decided their own way of implementing many things in CSS, deciding to be different where the standard doesn’t specify, if only to be a pain in the….. yeah....


We’ve moved to WordPress for our site content management.  Why? WordPress provides… A wide variety of features, including pages and blogs Nice support for multimedia Powerful skinning to give us the look we want We’d love to see what WordPress can do for you!  Curious? Give us a call.
Labyrinth Designs

Labyrinth Designs

Laurel's work with Healing Path Quilts is stunningly beautiful, and she wanted a web presence that reflects that beauty and creativity. Our site features graphics by expert Paula Bishop, who has a style particularly suited to the artistic flair that defines Asheville.