We recommend numerous solutions for integrated marketing depending upon your needs.  The premier and highest quality service provider we know of is Aweber.  List management, Delivery monitoring, best practices, templates, and more.

Check out deliverability.aweber.com.  What follows is a summary of some of the best resources there we’ve found.

A premium email management service

Premium and Comprehensive Email Marketing

AWeber provides a number of articles and resources that can help you reach your customers more effectively.

Web Newsletter Form Management – they even have a WordPress plugin that automatically adds people to your email list when they comment or sign up on your website.

Email List Management and email sending at reasonable but not rock bottom rates.  Pricing is < $20 a month for up to 500 in your list, and < $30 a month for up to 2500, with quarterly or yearly discounts available.

Autoresponder service to enagage your customers and subscribers in your business

Helpful Articles

Re-engaging customers.  It’s not good to send newsletters rarely if you are going to send them at all.  Read about why.

The above article also has good information about cleaning your email list.  Having customers on your list that are not actually interested can hurt your reputation.  Our advice, after reading through the article:  Automatically unsubscribing people is not good practice because gmail turns off most of the tracking. Rather, invite them to unsubscribe if they are not interested.

Set expectations for your newsletter.  And keep to them.  What will subscribers get from you and how often will they get it?

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