Done in the capacity of Mike working for Montreat College, the CLIMBE site uses Dot Net Nuke on a Windows server.  Some of the graphics were done by Brackin Kirkland while he was running CLIMBE.  CLIMBE is an outdoor education program for high school youth.


Work done by Mike while working for Montreat College

Technical Challenge. Unique Audience.

One technical problem with DNN is that forms that are copied into the HTML generally do not function.  There are two approaches:  One is to write a custom DNN module to accomplish some goal.  Another is to use Javascript to capture the form interaction and post it directly.  Mike chose the latter approach to embed the Constant Contact newsletter subscription form onto the page.

The site features creative animation of logos to represent the summer expedition programs.  It’s a novel navigation strategy that appeals to a younger audience.  give it a try!

By the way, CLIMBE provides an excellent outdoor program at a very reasonable cost.  It’s a great deal, hands down.  It is one of the few programs at Montreat College also that is not an explicitly faith-based program, and provides an open and encouraging environment for high schoolers regardless of their culture, background, or faith.