Swannanoa Pres needed, above all else, ease in editing and maintaining their site.  This was a great job for Ligatype, a custom developed content management system.  Though they have now outgrown LigaType, and were kind enough to be guinea pigs in its development, we are soon to set up a WordPress site for them.


Visit Swannanoa Pres

Elegant yet Inviting.

The Swannanoa Pres site features:

  • Clean lines that also have a warm feel
  • Use of whitespace and white areas
  • Ease of changing and adding to menus.

The site is largely maintained by the pastor, and enables them to easily edit an upcoming calendar of events.  Like all good web development, the process involves:

  1. A needs assessment.  How do you plan to use your site?  How will it fit into the day to day operation of your business?  How will it fit into your growth plans?
  2. A skills assessment.  What staff do you have available and how comfortable are they in working with images, writing copy, and doing market work?
  3. Comparative sites.  What sites do you think will meet your needs if they were magically rebranded to be yours instead of someone else’s?  What are the deficiencies you see in each comp?
  4. Draft and planning.  Menus, pages, dynamic elements, technological components.
  5. Review of concept and sign-off.  This sometimes involves presenting you with a mockup.  But mockups can be ugly.  These days I prefer an HTML mockup with many of the graphics already done.
  6. Implementation.  Harder than it seems.
  7. Signoff.

But that’s never the end of the story.  You see, websites, like organizations, constantly change.  And while I may design a website initially from the ground up, more often than not I’m planning for future changes and growth.

WordPress is next for Swannanoa Pres.

Great church, by the way – the congregation is loving, inviting, and passionate about the small but vibrant community that is there.  I do not do work for businesses or organizations that I cannot support.