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Latest entries

Reliability of Hard Drives by Manufacturer

I recently found on LifeHacker an interesting article that pointed to a blog post on the BackBlaze blog. BackBlaze is a company that provides online backup service.  I haven’t used or tried their service yet, but you might imagine that such an organization would deploy thousands upon thousands of hard drives.  Who better to speak...


ParkLiner is an adventure in a new manufacturing venture.  Conceived, designed, and deployed by a close friend, the work is ongoing. SEO work has put this site on the top page for a few important keyword searches in Google.  The site uses novel navigation and animation, designed to be as fun as the trailers are...
Christian Friends of Korea

Christian Friends of Korea

One of the few organizations that works in North Korea, Seventh Ridge is honored to be a part of Christian Friends of Korea, this wonderful work to serve those hungry and in need in this isolated nation. The site uses WordPress, and a heavily modified and extended Gantry theme, to provide novel and complex page...
Luminous Scope

Luminous Scope

Jennifer has a mission. The Luminous Scope. An independent woman traveling in a world that to so many of us is far too foreign, her adventure takes her across North Africa and through the Middle East.  To many it seems daring. To her, it is an opportunity to shatter the many stereotypes that Americans may have...

Gmail Security Concerns

Recently Google has been in the news quite a bit because a number of gmail users have had their accounts hacked, allegedly from China.  The article at Technology Review talks about tracing the source of Gmail attacks, but it also highlights ways that the attacks occur, referencing an article that shows what some of the...
The Art of Data Loss Prevention

The Art of Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention and Server Security A guest post by Paul Hawkinson The Art of DLP There is an interesting article on DLP (Data Loss Prevention) linked to by Slashdot today.  This short article was written by Kevin Fogarty. Go give it a read but the jist of the article is that a large percentage...
Email Deliverability and Best Practices

Email Deliverability and Best Practices

We recommend numerous solutions for integrated marketing depending upon your needs.  The premier and highest quality service provider we know of is Aweber.  List management, Delivery monitoring, best practices, templates, and more. Check out  What follows is a summary of some of the best resources there we’ve found.

Net Neutrality and Paid Peering

If Google truly wants to "do no evil" and stand behind those words, it needs to make sure that the small guy can purchase comparable footing to what google has rolled out (using the small guy's own advertising dollars, no less).

Game Theory Suggests Marketing Flavor

A recent article referenced from ars technica has some really interesting things to say about how ideas spread among networks. There are two factors in how fast an idea spreads and is adopted. The first and most commonly thought of is getting the word out.  The idea’s been pretty standard that if an idea is...

Organizing WordPress for Search Engines

I recently read a wonderful post on VanSEO about how to organize the structure of a website to make it easier for search engines to organize the content.  Sure it’s critical for users to find your site easy to use!  But if you want your site to work well in promoting your business, and want...

Microsoft and Adobe? Egad!

I read a rumor today that Microsoft might be contemplating a purchase of Adobe.  Scary!  The first thing that came to mind was, “Oh yuck, that’s all we need is messed-up Adobe software.”  But then it occurs to me that Microsoft hasn’t been all that mac-friendly over the years for obvious reasons, and if you...

Artisteer Template Designer

Review – Artisteer Web Template Designer I’m currently reviewing and evaluating a really neat program for designing and modifying CMS templates.  I do have some pretty steep requirements for what such a thing might be able to do, but as advertised, it should generate templates for the most popular content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla,...